Take Advantage of Youtube in Your Marketing Strategy

There are a large number of platforms on the Internet where you can publish your videos, but if you want to maximize the number of views and reach as many people as possible, YouTube is definitely the best option. In this article you will learn how to optimize your profile and your videos so that they appear in the first positions of the searches, both in YouTube and in the organic results of Google. There are a plethora of companies that help people in increasing their YouTube views real easy and in no time.

But for a video, however good it is, to be really effective in your communication strategy, your potential clients must find it in their searches to be able to see it, since otherwise, all the work to produce it will have been in vain.

In order for your videos to reach as many people as possible, you will not find a better ally than YouTube. Did you know that it is the second most used search engine in the world? Only Google itself exceeds it.

In addition, YouTube is owned by Google. This favours that the videos that you publish in your channel are quickly indexed by the search engine, which, in addition, will reserve spaces highlighted in the list of search results to show videos of YouTube that are related to the keywords that have been entered.

In order for your videos to appear in the first search results, several factors are related to the configuration and relevance of the channel where they are published, as well as the descriptions and properties of each of the videos. Let’s see how to optimize them. There are a lot of firms which can provide the tips and tricks on how to get free youtube subscribers.

Improve the relevance of your channel

One of the most important aspects of the visibility of your videos is the relevance of your channel. To greater relevance, better positioning. The aspects that directly affect the relevance of your channel are the following:

•Number of videos published.

•Number of subscribers

•Total number of reproductions.

•Total minutes of video played: every time it is more important that a video is seen in its entirety, and not just that it is "play" and stops before it ends, so try to make it short, and keep the viewer's attention or spectator all the time the video lasts.

•Number of "likes" of your videos: interact with the viewers and use annotations to make calls to the action, inviting the viewers to "like", comment or share the video if they liked it.

•Frequency of publication of new videos.

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